Special Occasions


Thoughtful touches, little hints of personality, the details that take a gathering to the next level

We love parties. We love throwing them, we love attending them, we love talking about them afterwards and swapping gossip. But most of all, we love seeing the looks on our guests’ faces when they discover the whimsical details and thoughtful touches we’ve worked so carefully to create.


If, like us, you’re serious about throwing seriously good parties, event branding is the perfect way to take your party-planning to the next level. Our talented team can work with you to create:


  • A custom-designed graphic / logo that connects with the event theme and reflects your individual style and personality
  • Creative elements such as bespoke invitations, gifts and bonbonnieres
  • Design and execution of experiential branding elements including signage and props


In need of a little creative inspiration for your next event? We’d love to help you bring it to life.  Contact us