“Let the magic begin!”



We’re a small but perfectly-formed team of creatives who design and produce much of our work in house from our Sunshine Coast studio. This means we can show you the quality of our work before you order and we can even make small quantities of one-off items just for you. Even better, if you need just one more item right at the last minute, chances are we can get it to you quickly.


Our creations are hand-crafted, thoughtfully designed and unique. We don’t do mass-produced or off-the-shelf. The bespoke nature of our work means we often invest many hours into a project, painstakingly printing or laser-cutting items by hand to achieve the exact finish our clients are looking for.


Needless to say, this kind of quality involves time, skill and care, so we ask that you are realistic in your budget expectations. If you’ve got a budget in mind, let us know – that way we can tailor our thinking to your budget and show you exactly what’s possible.


Not on the Sunshine Coast? No problem – we work with clients all over Australia.


Here’s a snapshot of how our typical project plays out:

[qode_circles columns=”five_columns” circle_line=”no_line”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”01 CONSULT” text=”Otherwise known as our first date! This is where we do the usual getting-to-know-you stuff and you get to share your creative vision with us. The more detail and inspo you can provide, the better – so come armed with scrapbooks, moodboards, Pinterest boards and whatever props you need to get your ideas across. We’ll take some time to digest it all then provide you with an initial quote within a few days. If you’re not local, this process can happen over phone and email, but we love chatting face-to-face if possible. ” image=”16403″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”02 DESIGN” text=”This is where the real fun begins. Our designers will work closely with you to develop design drafts for each piece of artwork. You’ll then have the chance to provide feedback and refinements. Please note a 50% deposit is required to initiate the design process and all digital designs require full payment upfront.

Our designer will communicate throughout the design process. A set of design drafts will be emailed to you for you to peruse and let us know of any refinements or updates.” image=”16405″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”03 APPROVE” text=”
Before your designs are sent to our production studio, we’ll ask you to provide final sign off on all artwork. Need a physical mock up before we reach production stage? We’re happy to arrange this for an extra fee (except on jobs that require specialist finishes).” image=”17369″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”04 PRODUCE” text=”Once you’ve paid the balance of your invoice, it’s full speed ahead with printing and production! Time frames will vary according to the intricacy and quantity of your order but we’ll always keep you abreast of what’s happening and when. ” image=”17418″ background_color=”#efc2e1″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”05 REVEAL” text=”Ta-da! The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. We’ll let you know when your order is ready and you can then choose to either collect from our studio or have it couriered to you (just give us at least 48 hours notice to arrange delivery).

Collection can be arranged at our studio. ” image=”16412″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][/qode_circles]


Tables numbers, signs and unique pieces


Rentals are an added extra that we offer at Stimuli Couture for the client looking for stylish decor to compliment our beautiful stationery. Our rental range is available to South-East Queensland events only.


We offer a range of stylish decor items, props, signage and a variety of table numbers for hire to compliment your event. If we don’t have what you are looking for,  give us a call to see if we can make it or source it for you.

Check out our hire inventory

[qode_circles columns=”five_columns” circle_line=”no_line”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”01 QUOTE” text=”Choose a rental item from our hire inventory.

A quote will be provided to you for your chosen items, including a refundable breakage deposit which is standard on all rental orders
” image=”16403″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”02 PAYMENT” text=”If you wish to proceed with booking the rental items then payment in full is required if you wish to book the item in advance.

We will only hold an item only if full payment is received. 
 Please read our cancellation and booking policy in our rental terms & conditions.” image=”17488″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”03 COLLECTION” text=”Your rental item/s will be ready for collection the day before your event, during our standard office hours. Early collections are by special arrangement only with management and will be subject to an additional charge
” image=”17357″ background_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”04 RETURNS” text=”
Return of your rental items is due the day after your event. Return times for weekend events is a Monday and no later. * Late returns will be charged for at the standard daily hiring rate for the item and will be deducted from your deposit.” image=”17490″ border_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][qode_circle type=”image_type” title=”05 REFUND” text=”Refund of the breakage deposit will be done after the rental items are returned in good order. Should there be any breakages the fee will be deducted off the breakage deposit. In the event of the breakage deposit not covering the replacement fee of the item an invoice will be sent to the client for payment” image=”17486″ background_color=”#ef7cd1″ border_width=”5px”][/qode_circles]