Event Branding


What is Event Branding?


For the uninitiated, event branding is all about creating a unique identity and concept for your event – and then bringing it to life as vividly as possible through gorgeously-crafted design and styling elements. Think hand-lettered invitations too beautiful to throw away. Wood-etched signage for your bespoke al fresco bar. Customised cake-toppers that look good enough to eat. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like our kind of party.


Of course, event branding isn’t just about what happens on the day itself. It starts from the moment you send out the first invitation and filters through to every aspect of your event – from the creation of a dedicated event logo or monogram through to decisions about decor and gifts.


Events which have a beautifully thought-out,cohesive brand take guests on a journey. They stand out from the crowd. They demand to be remembered and talked about long after the last guest has left the venue. Take a peek at our portfolio  for some of our favourite event branding projects.