“We believe individuality should be celebrated…actually we believe in celebrating! “

A bit about us

Let’s start with the important stuff. There are three things you need to know about us.


We’re obsessed with details. And we mean obsessed. We geek out over handwritten fonts, vintage prints and bespoke stationery. We’ve spent weeks of our lives searching for the perfect shade of grey. If what we want doesn’t exist, well, we’ll make it ourselves. Details are the difference between good and great. Between “that was fun” and “that was a day I’ll never forget.” In case you haven’t quite worked it out, we always aim for the latter.


We love a good knees-up . From births to marriages, life milestones to corporate soirees, we’ll accept any excuse to get frocked up and crack open the bubbles. But we’re also big believers in the old adage that if you’re going to do something, do it properly. If you’re going to throw a party, make it memorable. Make it unique. Better yet, make it an expression of who you are and what you love – then invite your guests to come along for the ride.


We’re all about celebrating originality. The joy of creating something unique and beautiful is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Don’t get us wrong, we’re often inspired by others and influenced by great ideas – but we believe it’s important to make something your own. We don’t subscribe to the idea that one-size-fits-all, which is why customisation is at the heart of what we do.


Based on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, Stimuli Couture Design is a wedding and event branding studio and the lovechild of these three passions. Through our obsession with original and custom-designed details, we help our clients bring their creative vision to life, transforming events into memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences.


Our talented team excel in creating distinct, cohesive brands for our clients’ events, making sure every last detail is perfectly designed and crafted, from logo or monogram design through to invitations, custom signage, cake toppers (and everything in between). We play well with others too and love collaborating – our client-list includes wedding and event planners, stylists and designers as well as individuals.


Most importantly, we flat-out love what we do. Nothing makes us happier than seeing weeks and months of planning come to fruition and our clients’ dreams brought to life. So don’t keep a lid on your imagination. Embrace it – and we’ll help you make it an event to remember.


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